Project Imagin8ion Hometown Screenings

The whirlwind of excitement that is “Project Imagin8ion” continued over the last month as we worked with Canon to roll out the red carpet in both my hometown of Elmira, NY as well as my current home of Asheville, NC. We held special one night screenings of the final film “When You Find Me” at our local Regal Cinemas and invited friends, family, followers, and everyone else who was eagerly awaiting the chance to see the final film as it was meant to be seen: on the BIG screen!

Asheville, NC Event: (Thanks to Jared Kay of Amplified Media for taking these pictures!)


Both events were tremendous successes and we had an awesome time greeting everyone in the lobby of the theaters that had displayed huge twelve foot banners depicting the astounding 96,000+ images submitted as well as the final 8 selected by Ron Howard himself.
The excitement grew as everyone waited in line for a chance to get a ticket to the film. Local media was on site doing live broadcasts, interviews, and even joining us to screen the film.
At the Elmira, NY event we had sold out of seats 40 minutes before the show even started and everyone packed into the theater for a standing room only showing!
Movie goers viewed the making of the film, followed by the film itself, and then we held a Q+A session and gave away a large assortment of prints and donations from local businesses.
A wonderful evening was had by all. Tears were shed, as well as laughter and roaring applause!

Elmira, NY Event: (click arrows to advance slideshow) – Thanks to Andy of A.D. Wheeler Photography for taking these images!
I must say from a personal standpoint it was a both an exhilarating and humbling experience for me. To see so many faces (old and new) show up in support of my accomplishment was such an honor. I am truly blessed to have so many wonderful people rooting for me and cheering me on. Never in a million years would I have ever dreamed that by simply doing what I love to do would lead to such an achievement. Even today I am still lost for words to describe how thankful and how fortunate I am to be a part of this ground breaking Endeavour.
Thank you Ron Howard, Canon, friends, family, fans, and most of all my loving wife Amanda, step daughter Brianna, and my parents. NONE of this would have been possible without your love and support.
Now… the big question: What happens next??? – I for one, am eager to find out! Stay tuned!


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  • As a fellow SunTrust teammate, my husband and I initially came to the Asheville showing to support you, but came away fans of your wonderful talent! Keep up the excellent work. Thank you for the invitation to view the film.

  • Huge Congrats Walter…a truly great accomplishment that both your hometown communities enjoyed in sharing the experience. Look forward to “what’s next!”