Art of Abandonment Photo-Book Has Arrived!


The Art of Abandonment Photo-Book


The Art of Abandonment photo-book is a 128 page hardcover book, which contains images and historic write ups from 15 abandoned historic locations across the country.

All copies of the book are signed. If you would like a personalized signature please include the name of the person to whom it should be signed in the “Note to Seller” section at checkout.

Art of Abandonment Vol. I - Photo Book

Art of Abandonment Vol. I – Photo Book

$59.95 – $99.00

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The Collector’s Edition includes a signed copy of the book in a custom designed clam-shell case with the Art of Abandonment logo embossed in silver on the front.








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  • My husband and I were instantly drawn to your work some years ago, by the words “The Art of Abandonment” over your exhibit booth in an old renovated building in Asheville, NC. We often returned there when we had occasion to be in Asheville, and directed other people there. Your unerring skills of observation and photography and your ability to capture the historical, nostalgic, whimsical, and often ironic aspects of the thing abandoned is captivating, provocative, and haunting. In a word, Unforgettable! I still carry in my mind many of the images we saw on that first visit to your exhibit booth. One intriguing photographs was of a building with stunning architecture that has been a brothel. (I don’t recall the place, but I was taken by the artistry of the architecture, doubting that any visitors to the building ever noticed it!) QUESTIONS: Is that photograph in one of your Art of Abandonment books? If so, which one? And is it possible to purchase a copy of that print? A friend is renovating into a home a classic old house that, back in the day, was, shall we say, a house of questionable reputation (actually, the talk of the town!). He is restoring, not the house’s former reputation, but the classic structure and decor of the period , while adding modern conveniences. I’m confident that he would appreciate and enjoy the book or the print. THANK YOU! Maxine McCall [email protected]

  • Hello Walter, I recently had the opportunity to see your artwork for the first time at Festive in the Park Charlotte NC. I was astonished by your work and picked up a brochure. If I had more wall space I would have definitely purchased a piece of your art. That being said, the book purchased is that a personal autographed copy?

  • Can you please tell me if this is the book with the Scranton Lace Company photos? I saw you at an art fair in the Chicago area last summer (I believe) and admired the book. If this is the same book, I’m going to order a copy now. However, I would like to be sure of that. It was a gorgeous collection. Thank you.

  • There is an abandoned airfield near downtown Dallas that has an aircraft factory that made WW2 aircraft like the P51 Mustang and the F4 Corsair. The factory just recently shut its doors. It might make for a cool location. It is the old NAS Dallas. Hensley Field it’s name was changed to millenium airfield but never reopened.